When you are considering one of our bikes, get in touch and let me know what you are looking for. After an initial discussion about what you are looking for, I will send you a “Fit Kit” which asks for you current bike set-up, basic body dimension, intended use(s) and components for your new bike.

After receiving the info, I will start the process by creating a “bike cad” drawing. After producing the initial drawing, we will go over the details together and adjust accordingly; this process usually involves a little back and forth communication to get things dialed in. Once you “sign off” on the drawing, you will be entered into the production schedule once I receive an initial deposit of $1,000.00 for steel frames or $1,500.00 for Ti or stainless models.

Fitters – On fits that you provide from a fitter I still like to have the “Fit Kit” info as it informs me in the design process. Sometimes this can be a tricky area as there can be some differences in opinion on how bikes should fit and handle but I try to keep an open mind and work towards a design that we can both agree on.

Road, Cyclocross and Winter-Trainer/Gravel/Dirt Road models are available as a frameset (frame, fork, and Chris King headset) or a complete bike while Mountain bike models are priced as a frame only as there are a lot of fork options to choose from that vary greatly in price but are also available as a frameset or complete build as well. I am also flexible and can accommodate partial builds as well. I am happy to give my recommendations on components as well as work up price quotes for parts that you intend to buy as part of your complete bicycle purchase.